Friday, November 13, 2009

Blue sky

this is an OLD pic of me and mar. We went to Cameron highlands on 2005 ( i guess ).
She's been a great friend. I am glad to have her as friend.

Shida, Me, Najibah, and Mar


time passed. Sometimes, we don't really have MUCH time hangout like the good old days. But THANK YOU SUNSILK. Because now, we have 'reason' for that.
Shida is now taking Communication and Najibah ; Biotechnology. Hence, we don't really see each other as often as me and Mar. ( we both taking Computer Engineering )

We still friends. But i am glad i get to know Hani and Mar was really thankful to know Iqa.


Was that GREAT?? You get to know new person, new friends and not sticking to ONE particular friend at one particular time. BTW, i luv meeting new friends!! ^__________^

Again, BUNCH of thanks!


1 comment:

  1. wuhuuu~ nostalgianya...best2 =)

    p/s: sy masih kurus time 2..huhu



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