Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Itai yo~~

The title means = its hurt~~

Okay, i am typing this in the middle of night. I wrote in Microsoft word and gonna post it later, when i have internet connection from my lappy. Hey, do you know that you can post directly from WORD to your blog instead og log in in click new post and stuff?? Pretty cool huh??

I am giving my hair nice treatment today since i keep using SUNSILK leave on coditioner during my exam days. Unfortunately, i cut my finger from the alluminium foil left on the cover of the SUNSILK hair treatment. At first it did'nt bleed, but then it start to hurt more than i expected. Uff!! i am so trouble washing my hair with nine fingers only!! Hurting yourself in a shower room?? Was soooo not cool!

The grey part.

But since the hair treatment make my hair triple time smoother, my cut seems worthy was it??

See, i am soooo excited in giving my hair its treatment till i injured my self. So girls, beware and please don't end up like me Okay~~

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