Saturday, November 7, 2009

one minute fashion

1. Use Sunsilk leave on conditioner
2. put on your jacket, sweater, jumper, etc.
3. hairstyle? pony tail would make you cute enough.
4. Bored with simple pony tail? Grab any hair clip you have. Grab your cutest hairband put it around your wrist. you can do your pony tail on your way to your destination.
5. Wear tudung? Simple, get your self a really 'easy to wear' tudung nowdays.
6. Shawl could be a great choice as well
7. Make up? Dont' worry you wont loose anything if you don't have your 'thick' make up. Bring compact powder and lip gloss with you.
8. And the favourite attire within our Uni. Tadaaa~~~

Wo said you don't look good in this? it save times!!

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