Friday, November 13, 2009

Once upon a time an english series

(wrote this before her final exam)

She should finishing her CE BIG assignment. but from 8pm she keep watching dramas. THIS time not jdora. Blame her 'nice' roomate and her ex providing Leverage and Gossip girls season 3. Once you started, you never know when to stop.



At the moment she finished the drama its already 12 am. And now she is struggling to finish the BIG assignment. It has, 16 more explanation about terms in less than 100 words, 6 more calculation exercise, 2 explanations, and 5 'how to calculate' questions.

She don't even thinks she could finish all this before midnight.

AGAIN. thanks to her 'nice' roomies~

Ouh.. She never watched GG before. But now she WILL find Season 1 and 2!! An ULTIMATE gossiper EVER!!

The girls are gorgeous! the guy are HOT!!!

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