Saturday, August 22, 2009

Voucher anyone?

Hey, it "AOI" again. I guess my fellow blog mates still didn't have much time to blog in here.

I am distributing my discount voucher to my friend. I even sound like a promoter of Sunsilk asking everyone.

"Do you wear Sunsilk?"


Well, some yes and some not. For those who answered yes, i give them 2,3 voucher. So they can buy more and save it for a couple of months. For those who never used Sunsilk, i even promote to them how good Sunsilk is.

"When using the conditioner, your hair will become 3X softer and smoother rather than using only a shampoo!"

Yeap i sound advertising..

But everyone should have a GREAT hair. So, i don't want to be stingy not giving the voucher to others. rite??

Uh uh Fasting month is coming.

Happy fasting u guys.

Ramadhan Mubarak~~

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