Saturday, August 22, 2009

Self Introduction

Well, i would say that it is a great opportunity to blog and you can go to Paris. It is sooooo great is it?

So firstly, let i make a litle introduction so you guys don't wondering who is talking here.

Okay i just want to be known as aoi star. My real name? oh it fine with only hikahoshi. I guess you could actually guess what my real name is.

im 22... yet. i m still didn't act like one. In a simple words, i m way too young for my age. Haha you could labeled me as childish and not matured. Really, no hurt feeling. When i first met people, they usually said,
"Are you the last child in your family?'

or even something like,

"You a PTS student aren't you?

I just smiling and laughing. Because its totally not true. And Totally opposite what they thought.

Ah, should i rant bout hair and Sunsilk. Would i sound 'skema' by doing that?
Hmm... who cares? Rite?

I ALWAYS want to rant something about my hair and shampoo products that i used in my current blog. But i might end up sound silly by doing that. So, i never tried to write one.

So, i guess, now it is my chance!!

My friends always got jealous with my hair. They usually said they want hair like mine. They even once ask me how did i take care of my hair and i usually answered with a smile on my face,

"I 'm using SUNSILK, you guys should try once"

I am really glad i m using this product. Even i am a girl who wears a 'tudung' it never stop me to treat my hair as it should.

I have a long hair since i was small. I never cut my hair short. Ermm actually my mom never cut my hair short. She loves seeing her daughter to have long hairs like hers. I have this natural brown'ish' color but my mom prefered black. She usually using the Sunsilk black shine at home because she believed that her hair will remains black and shiny. So, when i am going home, i NEVER used that shampoo instead i bring my own shampoo from hostel. ( yeah u can laugh at me ). I am afraid my hair would turn black and shiny. ( what la me~~)

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