Saturday, August 29, 2009

The GOOD old days

Ah... finally i can spent my weekend with my family, breaking the fast together. it brings back the memory of the good old days. Hey, what more important than you fren right??

Btw, our old school organized a "buka puasa reunion" last Saturday. Feel sooooo great seeing old frens. Thanks god, i still remember their name. There s a LOT of girls and i feel soooo HAPPY to see them.

Even not all still single and available. (you got what i mean?). One of our batch who got married last year is now pregnant and currently waiting for the BIG DAY. Congrats Hajar. I m hoping you ll deliver safely.

another person is Aini. She s my classmate back in school. She s not here with her husband today. She said her hubby got work to do in Sarawak. Pity her.. She must miss him a lot. ( she got married on June i think)

guess, which one me :b

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