Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunsilk Blog to paris

Whew, i m not actually a 'join a competition' type of girl. But i end up doing this stuff because i love blogging. Lol.

It was a fine sunny morning when me n my friend, Mar went to the center. There, i saw few of people promoting Sunsilk. I went to see what was that all about and been introduced to this competition.

Well, i just need to buy any Sunsilk product rite? And since there is some discount, i decided to buy Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Hair and recovery treatment. Apparently, i don't have one and want to include it in my 'collection'. ( new hobby??)

Ahh.. feel soooo great to have all of the product. Thanks Sunsilk!

While i was there with my course mate
+, Mar i ask her to be my gang ( uh uh i been TOGETHER with her since our matriculation time. Its been almost 6 years now!)

Then i started to call my school friend that also LOVE blogging. I rarely see her in actually. Because we usually meet in this virtual world. She's a really nice girl btw and we have the same interest. Right Iqa? Since Iqa was a UPM student, i ask her to find another member so she were not alone doing her stuff there.

So, basically our blog will have story about 2 unis. ( i already asked the person in charge and she said okay to have diff university member in one team). Therefore, it should be a lot of fum reading new stories everyday from 2 different university right??

Okay, that's all for now. Enjoy reading.

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