Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yo, its "AOI" again~~~

Remember i told you about my mom that love to have a black and shiny hair by using Sunsilk black and shiny shampoo?? Actually this is like a few months back story ( i told u i REALLY have lot of 'hair and shampoo' story rite).

Me and my family were going for a holiday in Lumut Perak. When we was there, we also done some shopping for my little sis that will be going to Kolej Matrikulasi Penang the next day. So, i 'secretly' took 1 bottle of Sunsilk smooth and manageable shampoo (375ml) and 1 Sunsilk smooth and manageable nourishing conditioner (350ml) and put it in the trolley since my dad will be paying. Back in hotel, he was like, "Who bought this?". And i have to admit that i was the 'culprit'. He not mad at me actually. He just curios and afraid someone would accidentally put the shampoo and conditioner in the trolley.

Then i put the shampoo in the bathroom i our hotel so that i will use it later. Then my mom came back from pool and went to the bathroom for shower, and i know she was using my shampoo and conditioner.

So, that's the story end for our trip to Lumut. A few days back, when i came home during weekend, i was surprised to see both SUNSILK smooth and manageable shampoo and conditioner was in our bathroom! Hurray!! finally my mom realized how important to have a smooth and manageable hair as well as black and shiny hair.

Oh, my surprise did not end there, when i was talking to my mom ( a daughter-mom talk) she was 'merungut' bout something.

" I hate using the pink Sunsilk shampoo now.. "

"Eh~~", I was really surprised to hear that. And quickly ask why.

"When i want to 'sanggul' my hair or even using the hair clip, it will usually fall down.."

err.. you get what i mean right? When i heard her saying that, i just smiled and replied back.

"Well, its SUNSILK SMOOTH AND MANAGEABLE mom. Of course it makes your hair smooth and softer. What would you expect?"

Dush.. What la my mom..

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